Successful Business Strategies Through Consulting

  • Home Planning: 3 Important Steps to Find the Right Bedroom Set

    6 April 2015

    When you're buying a new bedroom set there a few things you need to consider in addition to the price of the package. While things like colour, pattern design and thread count have their place in the decision process, there are more concrete, tangible factors of the purchase that a home planning service you really help you understand. The Fit In discussing the 'fit' of the bedroom set, the physical dimensions of the various components couldn't be farther from the discussion.

  • Seeing The Real Hue: How Color Blindness Impacts A Consumer's Impression Of Product Packaging

    5 March 2015

    Companies are beginning to realize that their product packaging can frustrate people with handicaps or disabilities. Poor packaging design can also inadvertently repel color blind consumers. While not technically disabled, color blind people face challenges when shopping because they are unable to perceive a brand's image or product in the way that people with normal vision can. If your family and friends love a particular brand or product, but you find the packaging repulsive, you just might be color blind.