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Home Planning: 3 Important Steps to Find the Right Bedroom Set

by Hector Horton

When you're buying a new bedroom set there a few things you need to consider in addition to the price of the package. While things like colour, pattern design and thread count have their place in the decision process, there are more concrete, tangible factors of the purchase that a home planning service you really help you understand.

The Fit

In discussing the 'fit' of the bedroom set, the physical dimensions of the various components couldn't be farther from the discussion. Instead, the 'fit' of the set refers to how well it complements not only the open space in the room, but other furniture you plan to have in the area. Just because a particular bedroom set fits into a particular space, dimensionally speaking, it doesn't mean it necessarily 'fits' in conjunction with other items in the area. 

It's probably best to hire an interior designer to ensure you are efficiently utilizing the space in question, but if that's not exactly in your budget, just acknowledging it's importance will go a long way towards ensuring you get the right bedroom set.

Complementary Design

You're free to go with the designs that best suit your personality and personal preferences, home planning services stress the importance of buying or assembling a bedroom set with a fairly cohesive look. Although grouping together furniture that is disparate and contrasting in design can work in areas like the living room, it just looks uncoordinated and sloppy in the bedroom.

Although most bedroom sets come complete with bed frames, end tables, and dressers, this is for those who are putting their bedroom set together individually. At the same time, try not to put together a bedroom set that is too coordinated. Dark wood colors can mesh well with lighter woods and even blacks, and a little variety goes a long way in the interior design world. 

Your Resistance to Change

The fact of the matter is people get bored easily. Whether it's their car, their mobile telephone, or their bedroom set, people are anxious to switch things up when their current situation has lost that sense of novelty. This doesn't mean you need to prepare for buying a new bedroom set every couple years, but you might want to take into consideration how easily you will be able to shuffle around furniture and rearrange the room.

Consider characteristics like weight and relative fragility when it comes to pieces you might periodically move around. A beautiful glass statue will look great until shatters into a million pieces while in transit from one side of the room to the other. 

Overall, your bedroom set is an important purchase and one that you will probably have to look at nearly every night, and a little home planning goes a long way towards ensuring you achieve the right look.